When I was enjoying the BBQ fried rice in King Of Thai Noodle House, I noticed that there is a spacial problem about the design.

This handy drawing is about the spacial arrangement. The functions of passageway is not only the connection the kitchen and dinning area but also the position of order system, cashier machine, beverage refrigerator and a preparation table. So, it is not hard to imagine that the passageway is really crowded and always fully-occupied. There are some flaws about this area, especially the beverage refrigerator should never be put at the corner. Here are two scenarios it may occur.

Scenario one
This time, a cashier is standing on the left side and a waiter is finding cokes. There will be enough room for other waiters to pass the corridor. But the space is apparently narrowed since the first waiter has to squat down to fetch the drinks. At the same time, this move will definitely cause waiters fatigue and affect the operation efficiency of the restaurant.

Scenario two
This time, a waiter is delivering the food from kitchen and another waiter is getting cokes. With a plate on his hands, the sight of the first waiter is covered, so he cannot see the person is getting drinks.
And because the fact that the passageway is narrow. So he may choose the short way to the dinning area, which may lead to a tragedy.

So, to avoid that, here is a free tip for the King Of Thai Noodle House, change the place of the beverage refrigerator or get a taller one.

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Great post. I will be going through some of these issues as well..

6 years ago

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