As we went further into the research for our startup business–POP SPACE, we inevitably found some similar ideas and realized that we are stepping into an competitive market.

At very first we were interested in three ideas, non-permanence, quantified-self and self-reflection. Later we agreed on the first idea and decided to design a startup with it. After many disappointing “oh, this has already been done,” we chose to develop a platform. The platform will help leaseholders from financial pressure by subletting commercial space with people who want to test their products or hold a meeting etc. As we surprisingly confirmed the availability of our expected name, POPSPACE, we sadly found Storefront shortly after. Storefront is an existing website not only shares our idea but also thrives in San Francisco. Which means we are in trouble. Mayday, mayday!


At the first beginning I want to convey my thankfulness to CCA for offering me (as well as the chance to write this article)
Early 2012, I started to think about my future after my undergraduate graduation expected at 2013.
Apparently I have four directions; further my study domestically or abroad, find a job or set up my own business. (more…)


The blue circuit board: Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino which is capable of driving 5 motors at the same time.
The pink one: Arduino TOS-100 Stepper Driver Shield it is made by Trinamic, a German company. The chip has a stunning 1/256 microstep function.
The red one: A3967 EasyDriver Shield stepping Stepper Motor Driver which is good and compact, but not reliable.


Future Scenarios (2025):
Finally, this is my personal favorite topic. Let me unveil something.
In the next 12 years and with the development in technology and better understanding of human ourselves, what may be a the next market to double or even quadruple? (more…)

Find a way to begin + Build empathy = Great data points

I got two stories as my experience when talking with strangers. The first one is when I was wandering about an unsafe area (where live lots of homeless people, and I don’t know that is an unsafe place at that moment) in  downtown. I was taking photos by myself with my digital camera, a noticeable one. Then a tall black man stopped me, however, he didn’t begin with inquiry about me. Actually, he warned my that this is not a suitable place for me to stroll. Then, we talked a lot about the history of the city, the people here, which direction is safe to me etc… (more…)

This is a normal broken egg, but for me, it is a Molten Core, the anger of a life. So I took photo for it.

What we see is different from what we recognize.
In other word, just for my part, that is because the world we see is objective and the world we percept is subjective.