This is about my feeling and gains Moccasin Project about the florist in San Francisco.

I love learning from practice. The Moccasin Project is a good chance for me to learn how to cooperate with partner from different country. And our special team (Margherita from Italy and I from China) is an outstanding one. We managed to talk with a florist for a whole morning, make friends with flower artists and wake up at 5:30 AM to figure out the wholesaler’s timetable. Interesting discovery and facts came from our observation and interviews. Then we collected them, analyse them and deduce the needs inside the flower industry. After the project, I feel that I can understand something thing about Design Research-the choice between depth and extend.

The depth is about the quality of the insight I get from a single person or a certain thing. The extend is about the quantity of distinguished factors I study. Both of them require time and energy which are limited resources. Based on the same time that spent in the two directions. I may gain some unusual viewpoints and find some deep insight when I focus on one person. By contrast, I have to spare the concentration when investigate several persons, which may lead to a more comprehensive results. Wisdom and experience of Design Research are required for the choice. I feel a little bit regret for we failed to spend an complete day with Veronica because of our curricular conflicts. And I am not satisfied with the numbers (overall it is 6) of flower shops we interviewed during the project. As I wandered the city after the project, I noticed many distinctive flower shops, which I ignored before, were just around my place(but that is also a requirement in our project, we should not be familiar with the group of people we would interview).
We both agreed for given more time, our presentation can be more successful.

It is hard to say that depth or extend which is better cause different combination call for different needs. Different designers or companies have their own style of control the balance. For some genius designers as Naoto Fukasawa, a deep insight can give rise to a great product. For some big design company like frog, the extensive research is requisite to add trustworthiness for their thinking. On the other hand, the research topic will also play a key role in the decision. Whether it is a niche concept or a product for mass definitely makes difference.

Being a newcomer to Design Research, I cannot say that I am able to claim which is better, depth or extend. But thanks to this Mocassin Project, I have the insight and awareness about how to choose the targeted interviewees and control the balance. What I need is experience from our next BIG project.
Sooner or later, it will say.

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