“Discovering the nature of the problem”
Logically thinking of methodology.

1.Why am I always late for the submission of homework (like blog of Design Research)
-I think there are two reasons for that, writing articles in English is never an easy task for me. Another reason is I always want my work be perfect, which means I may probably spend more time than average. The amount of work causes my fear of Blog homework.

2.Why I always want to be perfect (even I can not)?
-I think this is because I do not want to be harsh; I am that kind of person “ all in”.

3.Why I do not want to be harsh?
-Life is short; I want to cherish my time.

4.Why I want to cherish my time, but what I do is actually waste my time on the struggling beginning?
-Before I set up something serious like writing Blog, I prefer something easy like reading books or surfing internet, and these things for me is kind of like, I can spend a whole day on that.

5.Why I prefer something easy as an escape from serious work?
-I think this is part of human nature. We prefer things easy and we try to keep on a safe way. And creative activities like design, filming and writing requires inspirations and certain mood.

So, through the 5 whys I anatomize myself and gain two first insights. 1, Save my inspiration in to mind bank and withdraw them when I am out of ideas. 2, Find a place can help me with relaxed mood.

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