Future Scenarios (2025):
Finally, this is my personal favorite topic. Let me unveil something.
In the next 12 years and with the development in technology and better understanding of human ourselves, what may be a the next market to double or even quadruple?
1. Cell Phone (or Internet of Human Beings).
Link the inside you and outside of you

The first thing that comes to me is the cell phone, but in 2025, cell phone will no longer be a thin box of pocket size. Instead, people will use wearable devices can be easily put on to body. These devices can transfer human body heart into electricity power hence no charger will be needed anymore. Also keyboard (even virtual one) will be in the history since brainwave will be in charge of communications of feelings and information.
I think, in 2025, the Internet of Things will be very common and at that time, the Internet of Human Beings will become a trend. So, we will be able to control a light without move any finger but an idea in thinking. We can take photos with our eyes and share it immediately with awareness sharing technology (pretty like the concept of drift in movie Pacific Rim), which means your friend can feel actually how you feel. Fingers will be released from heavy gestures of swiping. And eye contact with printed screen and 3-D projector (a TED talk link is here) will be media of graphic information. As the most important function, the communication tool, cell phone will lost its shape to fit people’s body or even be inside people’s body (pretty like the concept design in Movie Total Recall).
Rather than the modern day that people purchase a cell phone. In 2025, cell phone (or Internet of Human Beings) will be a necessary thing for everyone. Nobody has to pay for a communication tool, just like everyone has the right to say something. However, ai-assistant like the J.A.R.V.I.S. will be on the market available for sell, it is a service, people will pay that yearly.

2. Quantification Technology.
Invisibly tracking you

Quantification is a popular concept in these years. A lot of wearable technology like smart bracelet, heartbeat sensor, bike computer or even cell phone.
In 2025, everyone will be more like a dog. Because everyone will be injected with a tiny capsule for recording everything. There is something like that scenarios which is a TV show from BBC “Black Mirror Season 01 Episode 03”, The Entire History of You”. This capsule technology will automatically backup all your memory, which means at that time, skills, knowledge and memory will be able to planted or transferred. But laws of that will be very strict. However, there will be some black market to sell knowledge and memory. Or, other problems about human nature?

3. Movie Theater.
Experience no way to replicate

In 2025, movie will be more like the noun: Game (this word will be a pretty dirty word in 2020s, sorry) for today. It will be more interactive. Because of the unimaginable advancement in the technology of supercomputing (which will be happen in 2023). Everything will be rendered simultaneously, the spot will changing as you watching it. As what I mention above, the mindreading technology can detect your feeling and maximize the effects of the movie. Also, people can choose to join the movie and totally change the story.
Basically, it will satisfy audiences’ flavor, which means there will be no movie director, the IMDB will rank movies by the audiences. But you can watch the version of your friends, but you have to pay for others. About theaters, they will become much smaller, like the internet bar, four people will be the maximum (guess why?). The screen will be a sphere around you. Kind of like the Plantitorium in California Academic of Science.

Big image from small thing

Due to both the invention of micro fiber and the 100000000% quantum efficiency technology (Yes, scientists will break the rule of physics). A camera which will be mightier that a DSLR( interestingly still some people will use them) will be of the same size a pen. With a stunning 8mm-20000mm f0.9 super wide-tele-prime lens (equivalent) and the super sensitivity sensor. Stargazers can take photos of galaxy without any stabilizers.
The software will also get much improved. That function will be so nice that it will auto-correct bad face into a perfect, hardly recognizable portrait, which will make girls happy.
Because this camera will be like something that everyone will ever want. The camera will be very expensive, even many companies will manufacture the almost same cameras. They will ally to drive up the prices, as every company will do in every industry in 2025.

My dear friends,
I just leaked something about the future because I am a man from future. The time machine (the genuine one) broken so I will be stacked here for around 2 years. It is really hard to live in 2013 because everything is quite difficult to use. But I am still feel lucky because right now I am in California College of the Arts (According to what I learn from my history book, in 2022, an earthquake that never seen before will hit San Francisco. And the twin peaks at that moment will be the tallest) and I am among these hardworking guys who will literally change the future!
Please keep my secret!

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Sarah Goodin

Hey Azure – this is great! Thanks for the imaginative peek into the future!

7 years ago

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