At the first beginning I want to convey my thankfulness to CCA for offering me (as well as the chance to write this article)
Early 2012, I started to think about my future after my undergraduate graduation expected at 2013.
Apparently I have four directions; further my study domestically or abroad, find a job or set up my own business.
Firstly I killed the idea of furthering my study domestically because the unsatisfying academic environment in China, then the idea of setting up my own business. I was too young and inexperienced. And I didn’t think I would never be happy with sheer one bachelor degree. So, the map became clearer. I wanted to study abroad. What surprised me was that my parents they were firmly behind me.
According to this logic and timeline, I draw my “journey map.”
My journey map
As my understanding.
The decision making was sweet but I was imagining my best future.
The portfolio preparation was a hard time but I had to collect everything I designed, value each of them and make layouts.
The highlight was the time I received my offers and I felt myself like a boss!


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